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1. Soft, willow leaf surface

Willow grain surface, rapid absorption of urine, PP more dry

2. Relax and lengthen the elastic waistline

The girdle type super wide elastic waist, soft and elastic, the small belly farewell to the marks.

3. Breathe through the floor

The soft bottom layer that can breathe, soft and breathable, have super strong exhaust system, can freely send out muggy humidity, let small pp keep fresh at all times

4. Suction, instantaneous core suction

Innovative strong cotton core, delicate absorption, efficient flow guide, high-end imported SAP polymer water-absorbing resin and non-woven fabric, forming super absorbent layer, faster water absorption, stronger water lock!

5. Protect and prevent leakage scientifically

Scientific and thoughtful design, naturally into the u-shape, and double high three-dimensional groove protection, effectively prevent side leakage, after leakage.

6. Intimate urine display, specially designed for new mothers

Crotch ministry urine shows warning, after wet urine changes color, remind mother to change in time, keep dry.

Recommended usage:

Spread the diapers under your waist

2. In order to effectively prevent leakage, please stretch the waistband and stick it in the appropriate position.

3. Stretch the other side and stick it symmetrically

4. Straighten out the side leakage barrier on both sides of the thigh by hand

Every time you change your diapers, clean your hands to prevent bacteria from contaminating them.

When changing diapers, clean the urine or fecal stains with warm water from front to back (from top to bottom) and dry them with a dry paper towel

This product is disposable and should not be used over time. Please replace clean diaper timely

If the baby is allergic, please stop using it immediately.